The Dolphin Charger Family

Electrical cabinet

This new concept combines AC circuit protection with a batterycharger. The AC circuit protection includes a residual current device (RCD**) and 2 miniature circuit breakers (MCB). The battery charger is an IUoU charging curve switch mode type with 3 outputs for engine and service batteries.

In today’s high tech world, more and more people need a compact and efficient source of electrical power on small craft. REYA has developed an innovative “All-in-One” unit which combines an AC distribution system with a 12V switch mode batterycharger, all in the same compact box.

AC circuit protection is by means of a 30 mA, 16 amp R.C.C.B. unit. Two AC loads can be connected, each with its own 10 amp double pole circuit breaker.
The battery charging function is identical to that of the standard Dolphin Battery Charger.
The “All-in-One” units are available in 2 different models,15amp or 20amp. Both have 3 outlets to provide charging for 3 separate banks if required.

ISO 13297 (electrical systems-Alternating current installations)

3.7.5 Main supply circuits
A manually reset trip free double-pole circuit breaker shall be installed in conductors to the main power supply circuits.
3.8 Earth leakage protection / Ground fault protection
3.8.2 The main supply circuit shall be equipped with a double-pole RCD breaker having a maximum nominal trip sensitivity of 30 mA (this value is for quick tripping and protection against personal shock) and 100 milliseconds maximum trip time.






What is an inverter?

An inverter converts the DC electricity from sources such as batteries, solar panels, or fuel cells to AC electricity. It thus transforms the power found in the battery (DC) into power (AC) that can be used safely with household appliances, like fridges, laptop computers or televisions, which require a “pure” power supply.

The new Dolphin Inverter mirrors the Dolphin Charger perfectly. The charger takes shore power and sends it to the battery in the correct (DC) format for storage. Once there is a demand for AC power, the inverter springs to life and takes the stored battery power and transforms it. There is no wastage, only the required quantity is transformed.

Pure Sine Wave
This pure sine wave inverter guarantees a safe, pure and stable power supply that will not damage AC appliances.

Parallel up to 24V 9000VA
Up to three Dolphin Inverters can be used in parallel to provide a powerful onboard appliance and connected by means of a SubD cable. One of the inverters will act as the master and the other charger(s) as slave(s) giving upto 24v 9000VA

Battery safety
The Dolphin Inverter is designed to operate with battery voltage between 19V and 33 V, meaning that it will cut off once the battery levels reach 19V and thus not discharge the batteries. Similarily, an in-built safety characteristic means that if battery levels reach 33V, the inverter will sence it and cut off. Optimal start up voltage is 22V



Schottky diodes:

The Dolphin battery isolators feature a low voltage drop thanks to the use of Schottky diodes: at low current the voltage drop is approximately 0,3 V and at the rated output approximately 0,45



The VISION 4 Battery Supervisor is the last word in on board power supervision At the touch of a button you will be able to monitor a host of important information. It is simple to connect and it automatically detects the input voltage (12 VDC or 24 VDC). CanBus SAE J1939 interface. The VISION 4 battery monitor analyses battery voltage, battery efficiency, temperature and capacity on 2 battery banks (by means of an optional second shunt) also the voltage on 2 additional banks.

The VISION 4 includes a digital filter which allows it to avoid problems arising from motor start up, fuse faults, unballasting, etc...
The VISION 4 has a non volatile memory which allows it to retain configuration parameters even if there is no power source.
The VISION 4 has powerful calculating algorithms which take count of the currant draw, the charge status and the type of battery, so it can supply precise indication of the remaining charge. This means that the VISION 4 is more than just a simple Ah counter. In fact, its energy counter takes into consideration:
-During the charge, output that diminishes according to the battery's charge.
-During the discharge, restored capacity which diminishes according to the draw.

What's more, the VISION 4 is not sensitive to the effects of the charging cycle because it automatically detects float mode. It is thus not subject to drifting with each successive charge / discharge cycle.

Armed with accurate battery information you can make informed decisions about when to stop or start charging - no longer will you be subject to unexpected flat batteries! Being remote from the actual unit means that it easily slots into existing wiring keeping installation quick and easy. Flush fitted with a diameter of Ø 52 mm, the VISION 4 is part of the Dolphin family of products. It is equipped with a numerous alarms and a cycle counter and a CAN BUS SAE J1939 interface.