Jan 9, 2014

Dolphin Charger introduces touch panel

ANNECY REGION (France), 9 January 2014 - Dolphin Charger, specialist in robust and customized power conversion-and-supply solutions for the recreational and professional marine markets, has today added a new accessory to its offer on the leisure and professional marine market: an innovative, remote touch-screen control panel called TOUCHVIEW.

“With TOUCHVIEW, you will easily supervise the performance of both your charger and your battery bank. At all times, and at just one press of a button”, says Nicolas Fata, Head of the Brand since 1996.

This remote, tactile HMI display (“Human-Machine-Interface”) allows users to easily supervise both their charger and battery bank in terms of charging current, charging curve selected, charging phase (boost/absorption/float), power max delivered at any given moment. Its built-in 5-alarm relay will warn you of the following issues: battery or electronics temperature fault; charger supply voltage fault; fuse fault; charger output voltage fault and CANbus fault.

“TOUCHVIEW allows you to use grid power under all circumstances, even when shore power output is low”, says Fata.

This remote HMI device can be installed anywhere onboard and connected to any onboard system thanks to its CANBus interface. TOUCHVIEW offers a choice of 5 languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. Dolphin TOUCHVIEW operates perfectly even in very tough conditions: from -10°C to +50°C and with humidity levels from 10% to 70% (zero condensation). Of course, it is RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.

TOUCHVIEW (ref. 399033) is available as option for the following products:

Dolphin Charger PREMIUM 12.60 (option)

Dolphin Charger PRO Series (option)

TOUCHVIEW comes standard with the following products:

Dolphin Charger PRO HD+ Series

Dolphin Charger started operations in 1995 near the shores of the Annecy Lake in the French Alps. It is now a proud member of the Eight Lakes Group.

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