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Battery chargers and Combis


15A to 25A
Coastal Yachting and Sailing
PROLITE, a brand-new series of supercompact, fan-less, water-resistant (IP65) and ignition-protected (ISO 8846) Bluetooth power units. With a power range extending from 15A to 25A, PROLITE is your perfect choice for sailboats, center console boats, sport fishing boats and other pleasure craft.


10A to 60A
Coastal Yachting and Sailing
AC/DC battery chargers from 10A to 60A. The perfect choice for sailboats and other pleasure craft for all coastal yachting activities. Safe, robust and efficient. Just Plug and Play.


40A to 150A
Offshore Yachting and commercial use
AC/DC battery chargers from 40A to 150A. The powerful solution for yachts and super-yachts (offshore yachting), for commercial and military vessels, offshore platforms and other industrial applications.

PRO HD+ Series

40A to 100A (DNV-GL)
Heavy Duty Professional use
« DNV-GL Marine Type Approved » AC/DC Battery Chargers from 40A to 100A. The absolute expert solution for professional, heavy duty (HD), merchant navy and offshore purposes.


Indispensable equipment onboard, when you need to charge one DC battery from another.


Power charge, conversion, protection and distribution in one single box. A robust and powerful product (Third Generation) for yachting purposes.


An AC/DC charger and a silent DC/AC inverter combined in one single cabinet. Compact, and ultra-efficient. For all pleasure boats!


FIRST Series

A complete series of simple and robust START batteries with capacities ranging from 50Ah to 140Ah.

PRO Series

A complete range of super-reliable START/HOUSE batteries with capacities from 60Ah to 225Ah.

AGM & GEL Series

These batteries are all DNV-GL Marine-Type Approved and offer capacities up to 200Ah

Other products

ACS (Automatic Charge Selectors)

DOLPHIN ACS are smart, 100% waterproof voltage-relays which automatically manage the charge function between your « start » and « service » battery banks. DOLPHIN ACS are the ideal charging-relays for outboard engine boats.


Launched in 2017, DOLPHIN POWER BOX is a smart, remote change-over and transfer switch.


DOLPHIN TOUCHVIEW is an innovative, remote touch-screen control panel. With TOUCHVIEW, you will easily supervise the performance of both your charger and your battery bank. At just one press of a button.


A basic, reliable and user-friendly battery monitor which will help you read your battery bank like a fuel gauge. Relax, your battery bank levels are all under control.


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