Main Acs

Our Automatic Charge Selectors are smart, 100% waterproof (IP67) voltage-relays which automatically manage the charge function between your start and service batteries banks. Ideal for outboard engine boats

SuperSafe (Unique feature)

Our cutting-edge Current Limit Function is built on MOSFET technology: it prevents domestic (house/service) battery voltage drops when starting your engine or bow thruster. Result: no more sensitive electronics damaged onboard (GPS, etc.). ACS is also protected against ignition (ISO 8846) which makes it particularly safe for installation on gasoline outboard engine boats.


No more manual battery selection. No more drained batteries. Our ACS reduces amperage operating current by up to 70% in comparison with other voltage sensing relays currently on the market. Our ACS is particularly recommended for use with Lithium batteries.

100% WaterProof

ACS products are true Dolphins: they are IP67 certified

2 version(s) available

12V 50A

Ref : 399250

12V 80A

Ref : 399260


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