AGM & GEL Series (DNV-GL)

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Next to our range of Lead and Lead-Calcium technology batteries, Dolphin charger™ now also provides AGM and GEL batteries through our partnership with a major battery manufacturer present in over 80 countries. These batteries are all DNV-GL Marine-Type Approved and offer capacities up to 200Ah. They can ideally be combined with our chargers.

DUAL AGM batteries (start-house)

AGM flat or orbital with VRLA venting, with DNV-GL certification. Your best choice to cover all dual supply needs for the most popular recreational boats

Special AGM benefits

Up to 50% faster recharging
Extra start & supply

EQUIPMENT GEL batteries (house)

Gel (electrolyte fixed in a gel) with VRLA venting, with DNV-GL certification. The perfect choice to cover all equipment supply needs, from small electronics to emergency power

Special GEL benefits

High energy density
Space saving of up to 30%
Superior cycling

Do you also need DNV-GL Marine Type Approved battery chargers? We have your solution right here!

10 version(s) available

AGM EP450 50Ah

Ref : 230178

AGM EP900 100Ah

Ref : 230188

AGM EP1200 140Ah

Ref : 230189

AGM EP1500 180Ah

Ref : 230190

AGM EP2100 240Ah

Ref : 230191

GEL ES900 80Ah

Ref : 230045

GEL ES950 85Ah

Ref : 230050

GEL ES1350 120Ah

Ref : 230055

GEL ES1600 140Ah

Ref : 230060

GEL ES2400 210Ah

Ref : 230065

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