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This complete energy cabinet combines a battery charger, 30mA differential protection and a 220V (2 outputs) switchboard in a single, connected box. A simple and more compact product than ever for quick installation onboard your sailboat.
New in 2020: much smaller size and mobile connectivity with the Dolphin Connect App to track charging performance from your smartphone.

Ultra-compact (new!)

Thanks to its new electronic board designed by our team of engineers in France, the Fourth Generation ALL-in-ONE (available from Q1-2020) is more compact than ever! You can install it in the smallest spaces on board. And thanks to its high efficiency, no need for a fan!

100% silent

The ALL-in-ONE 2020 energy cabinet does not need a fan, so it is 100% silent. You can install it in the cabin and sleep on both ears.


This fourth-generation device offers perfect AC safety with one main circuit breaker (16A with 30mA bipolar differential) and two circuit breakers (10A, interchangeable on DIN rail). It is the ideal solution when using a water heater, a microwave oven or a 220V socket onboard your sailboat, for example

Heavy-duty connectors

ALL-IN-ONE products are equipped with extremely strong industrial AC and DC connectors.


ALL-IN-ONE includes an integrated 12V charger (3 outputs) from the PROLITE 25A series (new in 2020) with 4 charging programs for all types of batteries including GEL and AGM slow discharge, lead or lithium.

Very economical installation

The ALL-in-ONE energy cabinet allows the professional installer, marine electrician or boat builder himself to quickly and cost-effectively carry out a complete electrical installation in accordance with ISO13297. The ALL-in-ONE box is very attractive both for original equipment as well as refit.

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12V 25A

Ref : 399125


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