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You dreamed of it, Dolphin Charger did it: the "Dolphin Connect" App allows you to follow the performance of your PROLITE marine battery charger and ALL-in-ONE energy cabinet, live from your smartphone and your tablet (iOS and Android)


The Dolphin Connect App is free: it works with all PROLITE charger models and with ALL-in-ONE Generation IV models (from Q1-2020)

Complete, live monitoring

The "Dolphin Connect" dashboard allows you to monitor, in real time, the 10 main performances of your marine battery charger:

  1. Charging phase in progress (Float, Absorbtion, Boost)
  2. Battery type
  3. Maximum authorized power
  4. Charging voltage (output)
  5. Input voltage
  6. Battery voltage #1
  7. Battery voltage #2
  8. Battery voltage #3
  9. Battery temperature
  10. Number of charging cycles


Dolphin Connect is available in 5 languages: French, English, Italian, German and Spanish

Permanent diagnosis (8 alerts)

Dolphin Connect keeps your charger and batteries under constant surveillance:

  1. Output undervoltage
  2. Output overvoltage
  3. Excessive internal temperature
  4. Battery polarity reversal
  5. Input undervoltage
  6. Excessive battery temperature
  7. Hydrogen alarm (based on chargers specifications)
  8. Input overvoltage

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