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Electrolytic corrosion can severely affect metal and composite hull boats. It is therefore essential to detect any electrical leakage between your 12/24V on-board circuit and the hull of your boat. This is exactly what our electrical LEAKAGE MONITOR 12.24 does.

Electrolytic corrosion is a well-known hazard for poorly insulated metal or composite (carbon) hull vessels. Example: the negative terminal of a starter battery is usually connected to the engine block and, thus, via the transmission, to the propeller shaft and into the sea. Electrolysis begins at approximately 1 mA. This can lead to significant material destruction at the anode (negative terminal), and therefore premature wear of certain parts.

It is therefore essential to detect and monitor any electrical leaks between your 12/24V on-board circuit and the hull. This is what our 12.24 LEAKAGE MONITOR tester does. It will allow you to locate and neutralize these current leaks.

Our 12.24 LEAKAGE MONITOR has been on the market for about 15 years now and this seasoned leak detector has proven its worth onboard hundreds of boats all over the world. Ask your marine electrician!

In 2019, we updated the design of this product (previously known under the name OCTOPUS Leakage Bargraph) to make it even more desirable.

LEAKAGE MONITOR 12.24 is protected against polarity reversal.

Very low power consumption (less than 50mA)

Ultra-simple and intuitive operation: in the «TEST +» position, this device measures the leakage current between the positive terminal of the battery and the hull of your boat. In the «TEST -» position, it measures the leakage current between the negative pole of the battery and the hull.

Easy to read: The coloured diodes allows you to check that your electrical leaks remain below 4 mA (green diodes), or to notice that your boat generates larger leaks (between 4 mA and 8 mA if the diodes are yellow), or that it generates excessive leaks that are above 8 mA (diodes lit in red).

Regular detection and monitoring of electrical leaks are essential to prevent premature wear and tear on your boat’s metal and composite parts. This enhances your safety and protects the resale value of your boat.


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