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Need to charge one DC battery from another?
Our DC/DC BOOSTERS deliver excellent performances

Intelligent Battery Charger Booster

Our DC/DC BOOSTERS are intelligent battery chargers featuring a 4-stage charging program based on battery specification (Lead, Gel, AGM, Lithium, LifeSO4). These robust products also offer automatic protection against battery source drainage.

Powerful/Efficient Marine Charger

Our DC/DC BOOSTERS are designed to charge an auxiliary battery from a single battery bank onboard commercial and leisure boats. This product range extends from 12/24V (charging at 30A) up to 24/48V (charging at 15A).

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3 version(s) available

12/24V 30A

Ref : 399211

24/24V 30A

Ref : 399202

24/48V 15A

Ref : 399213


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