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You always wanted a smart, silent, compact and waterproof charger. Here is the best on the market. In 2019 (Q4), Dolphin charger introduces PROLITE, a brand-new series of supercompact, fan-less, water-resistant (IP65) and ignition-protected (ISO 8846) Bluetooth power units, with "Dolphin Connect" App. With a power range extending from 15A to 25A, PROLITE is your perfect choice for sailboats, center console boats, sport fishing boats and other pleasure craft. Just Plug, Play and Enjoy.

The best on the market

The brand-new PROLITE offers the most complete technical specifications on the market: this series is smart (featuring Bluetooth interface and the new "Dolphin Connect" App), efficient, compact, fan-less/silent, ignition-protected (ISO 8846) as well as water-resistant (IP65). Oh… and it comes with a brand new 3-year-warranty. What else could you need?

Water-resistant ++

PROLITE is a no-brainer for all your outboard activities: it is totally dust-tight and protected against dripping water, spraying water and splashing water as well as against water jets (IP65). Yes, PROLITE products are real Dolphins.

Super-compact (and light)

PROLITE is 40% smaller than its predecessor and most of its competitors. It is also 50% lighter (1 kg/2.2lb only). PROLITE is the perfect charger for small spaces.

PROLITE is protected against ignition of flammable gases (ISO 8846 Certification by US Laboratory IMANNA) which makes it ideal in combination with outboard gasoline engines.

Top-Notch Efficiency

Our engineers have created one of the most efficient chargers on the market: 92% of the power which comes in is converted and comes out (without heat) through 2 outputs (15A version) or 3 outputs (25A).


Almost no heat means no need for a fan: PROLITE is a fan-less charger which makes it perfectly silent. PROLITE is therefore perfect for mounting anywhere into small (living) spaces onboard sailboats, etc..


PROLITE chargers feature a Bluetooth interface and the brand-new "Dolphin Connect" App as standard equipment. With its state-of-the-art circuit board, PROLITE can be delivered with CANbus or NMEA interface upon simple OEM request (MOQ applies).

100% compatible

PROLITE chargers do of course work with any battery on the market including Lithium Ion.

3 version(s) available

12V 15A 115V

Ref : 399715

12V 15A 230V

Ref : 399710

12V 25A 230V

Ref : 399720


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