Oct 24, 2022

Integral: how Dolphin® Charger developed the ideal product for its RV’s customers

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In the space-constrained world of recreational vehicles, OEMs are constantly looking for new solutions to optimize their electrical systems. After making a name for itself with its dual-output patented boosters, battery charger specialist Dolphin Charger is back with Integral, a revolutionary all-in-one product for the RV market. Integral integrates 3 distinct functions in a single box: a DC/DC charger, a solar regulator and a 230V charger in an ultra-compact unit. Here's a closer look at this unique product, which is sure to be a hit on the market!

Integral: three functions for the price of one!

The result of two years of design and prototyping, the Integral product was co-developed in close collaboration with Dolphin's customers, in order to be sure to develop a product that was in line with their needs. A true Swiss Army knife of energy conversion for RV’s or special vehicles, Integral includes 3 functions that until now were available in two separate devices at best. Here, everything is combined in a single unit:

The icing on the cake: the Integral product has a Bluetooth connection linked to a mobile application that allows the user to monitor in real time the energy production and consumption of their vehicle, from their smartphone.

And all this at a competitive price. In terms of price, buying one Integral product is actually more cost effective than buying all three products separately.

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Dolphin Charger's Integral product: a smart solution to the challenges faced by OEMs

The innovative nature of the Integral product is a smart solution to the challenges faced by OEMs in the world of compact RV’s:

At a time when vans are experiencing a revival of interest, Integral is the perfect solution that will make everyone agree! Where buyers will see Integral as a way to optimize costs, engineers will be interested in the compactness, manufacturers in the simplification of wiring, while marketers will see the compactness of the product as an opportunity to add new storage space and design vehicles that meet the needs of end customers. Want to know more? Contact us for more information!

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