Feb 27, 2024

Dolphin Charger moved to state-of-the-art headquarters


Since the beginning of September 2023, the teams at CATS POWER DESIGN, your single point of contact for the design, production and maintenance of customized electronic solutions, have moved into brand-new premises in ANNECY.

The new location of the company's head office, is also home of DOLPHIN CHARGER, which designs and supplies a whole range of battery chargers dedicated to the transport market (marine, special vehicles, RV’s) and to industry (energy), the cradle of its business for over 25 years.

Designed to support the company's growth, this facility, built to the latest environmental standards, is sized to meet the needs of its customers for the next years.

With a surface area of 2,000m², this new building is designed to support the growth of the company, whose sales have risen from €6M in 2015 to over €20M by 2022.

Equipped with a functional, electromagnetic compatibility and environmental testing laboratory, as well as a mechatronics integration platform, DOLPHIN CHARGER is consolidating its position as a one-stop partner for the entire development chain of highly innovative energy management products.


DOLPHIN Charger's industrial know-how focuses on the design and supply of a wide range of reliable and robust power supply products, such as battery chargers, DC/DC boosters, coupling relays and multiplexed control systems.

If you're a player in the marine, RV’s, special vehicle, green mobility industries, and you're looking for a standard or customized battery charger, digital or electronic switching devices , we offer compact, smart, connected equipment that meets your technical and regulatory requirements. To find out more about the DOLPHIN CHARGER product range and our OEM/ODM solutions, click here!

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