Aug 18, 2022

RV battery charger : how to choose it ?

RV battery charger : how to choose it ?

Space is essential in a motor home. As space is very limited and not expandable it is important to take into account the size and weight of all equipment. On board these leisure vehicles, it is necessary to have the most compact and quietest devices possible, noisy fan can really be uncomfortable and affect the comfort of users. Moreover, the need for more power is more and more important in order to reduce your charging time. For all these reasons, the choice of the battery charger for a RV that will be used to connect to a 220V socket is essential. Here is our advice to make the best decision.

RV battery charger: what are the issues?

Compactness and weight

In an RV, space is limited and every element counts. Just as weight plays a crucial role with regard to regulations (at the risk of changing the vehicle's class), you must pay particular attention to the size of each element. For example, it is better to choose noiseless compact chargers , as they can be placed under a bunk or bench seat.


If for a long time the standard rating for a RV charger was between 12 and 15 amps, power requirements have evolved. Nowadays, with more electrical appliances , the trend is to install either larger batteries or lithium batteries. However, very often the original charger of the RV is not sized to charge this type of batteries. Thus, dealers or OEM’s may need to install 40, 60 or 80 A chargers, especially in the luxury range. Indeed, so that owners of motorhomes using lithium batteries do not need to stay connected to 220V for too long, they need bigger chargers that are well sized for the size of their batteries.

When it comes to choosing a battery charger, this means choosing a charger with a more power capacity than the one originally installed.

4 criteria to choose your RV battery charger

1. Select a compact and silent chargers, to face the specific challenges of motor homes.

2. The power of the charger should be well sized with the capacity of the battery in Amperes/Hour. As mentioned above, these two elements must be in adequacy to guarantee an optimal operation.

3. Make sure that the charger has the right charging profiles for the battery technology installed. Depending on whether the batteries are gel, AGM or lithium, this has an impact, as not all chargers are compatible.

4. Ensure that the charger is integrated with the vehicle's more comprehensive switching system. To be up to date, you need connected products, so that all the information is displayed on the main vehicle control and management display or tablet.

Expert in marine and special vehicle , Dolphin Charger has developed an INTEGRAL charger, perfectly matching the needs of RV’s. Designed with OEM’s, the INTEGRAL product combines 3 functions:

Lead, AGM, gel, lithium... Compatible with several battery technologies, our INTEGRAL charger can be installed quickly and safely (integrated fuse protection), while offering an unequalled motor charge and a dual battery / fridge output unique on the market. Ultra-compact and lightweight, it can be mounted flat or vertically, and has an optional Lin & Bus Can - Bluetooth pre-equipment to meet your communication needs.

Want to know more? Discover our products! Contact us.

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