Jun 2, 2023

Dolphin Charger and Super B join forces for an optimal battery/charger duo

Dolphin Charger and Super B join forces for an optimal battery/charger duo

A new project for Dolphin Charger: the company with a worldwide network has partnered with lithium battery designer Super B to design a specific charging program for Super B batteries. At the heart of this project is the desire to deliver a perfectly compatible battery/charger tandem to meet both manufacturers' requirements and users' needs.

Duo battery/charger: what are the risks without a specific charging program?

While all chargers can recharge batteries, the charging algorithm may need to be more optimal. Indeed, in the absence of a specific charging program, battery recharging may present certain limitations, such as:

The challenge: meeting manufacturers' demand

For all these reasons, manufacturers (marine or RV’s) sometimes need to ensure perfect compatibility between batteries and their chargers. At the request of a standard manufacturer, Dolphin Charger and Super B have joined forces to offer a perfectly optimal battery/charger duo.

The two technical teams began working to ensure Dolphin's chargers were well adapted to Super B's lithium battery charging recommendations.

A complex adaptation processes

For Dolphin Charger and Super B, offering a charger/battery duo involved software adaptation. "We reprogram our products, we redevelop a program, so it requires hours of engineering time from our software engineers," explains Nicolas Fata, Sales Manager at Dolphin Charger.

After several test campaigns and validation of the design, Dolphin implemented the new program in its mass-produced products. This involved modifying the user manuals and all the tools needed to program the loaders at subcontractors. Only after this stage could the modification be deployed in products at the industrial level—a complex process, but one that paid off.

Benefits for manufacturers and users

The Dolphin Charger x Super B partnership addresses key issues in the energy sector to benefit manufacturers and dealers. Safety and conformity of equipment, positive impact on the consumer... These are the main benefits brought by this association.

Lithium battery safety

By offering a charging program that is perfectly compatible with Super B lithium batteries, the two manufacturers are reinforcing end-customer safety and reducing manufacturers' liability in the event of non-compliance.

Preventing the risk of non-compliance

The certified compatibility between Dolphin Charger and Super B equipment is a guarantee of seriousness, which obliges each of the two manufacturers to assume their responsibilities and ensures after-sales service for the consumer in the event of a technical problem. In this way, the work carried out upstream by Super B and Dolphin Charger minimizes this type of incident and protects the end-user.

A positive impact on the consumer

The combination of a charging program adapted to Super B batteries, therefore, represents real added value for the consumer: in addition to providing better protection in case of need, the work carried out - the setting of voltages and charging times best suited to Super B batteries - brings added value to the product.

"It's reassuring for the end-user to know that the products are compatible because work has been done at the technical level to ensure the product's longevity."
Nicolas Fata, Sales Manager, Dolphin Charger

Dolphin Charger had again forged a similar partnership with American battery manufacturer Odyssey in response to a manufacturer's request. On the strength of these two successful partnerships, Dolphin Charger is committed to meeting the needs of professionals in its sector.

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